Alexie Offerman Interview – JoJo’s Mom Speaks!

Alexie Offerman Interview – JoJo’s Mom Speaks!

Our very first interview with the site was with Eva Marie’s boyfriend Jonathan Coyle. Through the interview, we learnt a lot about the new Diva from someone who knows her very well. Eva of course was not alone in her journey – the young JoJo is also on the road to becoming a WWE Diva, and we still would like to know more about her, right? Well we decided to sit down with JoJo’s amazing Mom Alexie, otherwise known as Lex, to learn a little bit about JoJo’s journey to the WWE, her real thoughts on Sebastian and Justin Gabriel and more!

1. What is it like as a mom to see your daughter join the WWE at such a young age?

The WWE is a reputable, respectable Company and I am extremely proud of my daughter for making an impact in front of the audition panel and being selected and offered a training contract. It happened so fast – it went boom, boom, boom! Believe me, it was an experience of conflicting emotions – I felt pride and joy as well as anxiety and a sense of loss… one minute she’s under my wings and the next minute she’s off to a strange new place across the country living on her own! The transition was a bit difficult for the whole family.

2. What was JoJo like growing up?

JoJo is the 5th of 6 children, and the most challenging one. Joseann was born with an instant love for music – she didn’t discriminate on her taste for music, she loves all music. At home she would get the mic and sing daily! Her father was a professional baseball player so we spent the first years of her life going to baseball games and traveling. She went to Catholic school and participated and excelled in every sport she played.

3. What did you think when you first heard she would be on a reality TV show on E Entertainment?

Surreal! I was still trying to process the speedy current series of events of her life. She had just competed in and completed the 6 weeks of “(see if you have what it takes)” training with Sara Del Rey and Bill DeMott and she was one 5 girls selected out of 14 that was offered a contract to NXT.While we were celebrating her triumph, she received a call from WWE to go to an audition at Bunim Murray  headquarters for a reality show in the works. Next thing she’s off to Wrestlemania. Fans need to understand that every girl who auditions for WWE are beautiful and this is a process of elimination based on athletic and talent skills, by no mean this has not been a free pass.

4. How was it to see your daughter sing the National Anthem and represent the company at Summerslam?

When JoJo was a little girl, she would imagine herself singing at the Staples Center (I used to take her to concerts there), and to have WWE entrust her to represent The Company was an honor and beyond emotional for me! I still cry in silence when I see it.

5. Onto Total Divas – we’ve seen JoJo meet a learning curve in relationships. What do you think of Sebastian and the very public break up?

Sebastian and Joseann attended the same Catholic classroom for 8 years. They went to different High Schools and re-connected at the end of Senior year. It was Joseann’s first and only boyfriend and so she was Sebastian’s first girlfriend! I think Sebastian is a wonderful sweet young man. I loved him as a person however that love was tainted when he tried to hold my daughter back! Lol, listen he is still a young man and we must understand that it was very difficult for him to see JoJo prosper, therefore creating insecurities! But overall Sebastian will always be special to our family.

6. Are you glad she had people like Eva Marie to fall back on as opposed to experiencing the WWE alone?

Oh my God, I am above glad and thankful for Eva Marie. I’ve said this before – 14 girls, strangers to each other at first day of training, every one is paired up with a partner except JoJo and Eva Marie, reluctant of each other perhaps because Eva Marie is the tallest and JoJo the shortest. Long story short – at the end of a 6 week training regimen, they are the top contenders. Auditions for the show – again JoJo and Eva Marie got selected. I wouldn’t want anyone else in the world other than Eva Marie to travel this journey together with JoJo! I sleep better at night because of Eva Marie! Wait… She’s a Heel and JoJo is a face- hmmmm thoughts that make me go hmmmmm!

7. Justin Gabriel – what do you think of him?

My daughter was raised on a solid foundation, therefore being young and naive in the romance Department, I need to allow her to navigate herself or under my advice if she needs me. As far as my thoughts on Justin Gabriel?? I don’t know him well enough to render judgement or opinions- however all JoJo’s older sisters think he is fine as hell!!

8. We’ve seen JoJo struggle with adapting to the WWE and having to leave those she loves at home. At such a young age it must be hard for her to take it all in and still succeed – knowing JoJo, do you think she can stick it out and become a great WWE diva?

For any teenager to leave home abruptly is a struggle, especially for a sheltered girl like JoJo. We, the family are tremendously surprised and proud of how well she is handling it all. I have to give some credit to Eva Marie. Why?? Because they both have the same goals and are striving for success – JoJo is too young to go out and Eva Marie is engaged to Mr. Coyle therefore focusing more on what they’re there for. Can she stick it out and become a great Diva?? Well her motivation to be the best comes within herself, she is ambitious with a goal to achieve. She will never take on a task unless she can impress! I know her and trust that she will be around for many years to come as a ” Great WWE Diva”. Of course always with God’s blessings!

9. We’ve seen a little bit of JoJo’s training in the ring – has she said anything to you about what it’s like getting in the ring?

From the very first day of training, she came home and said to me, “Oh my God mom, I found home away from home, I love the feeling of wrestling and its challenges!” For 6 weeks this little girl couldn’t get roughed up enough!! Let me let you in on something – after filming the first 8 episodes of Total Divas, her and Eva Marie went back to training at NXT from 9 to 5 on a daily basis. She was ecstatic about all the moves she was learning from Sara Del Rey, then the news came that Total Divas was picked up for 6 more episodes and while she was happy for the extension of the show, she was also  disappointed for the interruption of her daily training!! Yes she has expressed to us how much she loves the Ring and how she would love to someday/some year earn the Championship Belt!! She just turned 19… Stay tuned!

10. And finally, if you could sum up JoJo in five words, what would they be?

Only 5 words??? I can give you 20! She is athletic, humble, loving, sensitive, entertaining, innocent, talented and has a strong love for God! But Behind all these goody goody descriptions stands a young child wanting to run wild! But, I don’t worry too much because she’s got a tight grip on her reigns!
You can find Alexie on Twitter at @LexRivera2 on Twitter and on Instagram at mommalexi33. Her daughter JoJo can of course be found @ItsJoseann on Twitter and on Instagram at joseann_alexie.

Pictures used credit to JoJo’s Instagram and Alexie’s Twitter.