New Signees Getting Off Easy?

New Signees Getting Off Easy?

It seems as if the newly signed NXT divas are getting off a little bit easy. When you think of girls being signed you expect them to have a tryout, take a few bumps, run the ropes, go over the basic training you need in wrestling, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for a few NXT Divas.

We can report that newly signed divas like Lexi Kaufman and Christina Vargas didn’t have to take bumps or really wrestle at all during the tryouts they had with the WWE. Could the same be said for new signees Brittany Fetkin, Leah Van Damme, and Sarah Backman? It’s interesting that WWE would sign girls without giving them a real tryout. Sure they might be models who have had no wrestling training but you’d think they would have them go through a few basic drills or something since they are going to be wrestling. Having them not have to wrestle at all for a tryout is a bit alarming.

New signees like Kendall Skye and CJ Perry have both had previous training before being signed. Kendall took it upon herself to take training sessions before trying out with the company while CJ Perry was apart of the “Diva Search” that brought us Eva Marie and JoJo Offerman and continued to train with Sara Del Rey after the search ended.

It really makes you wonder what exactly is the process to get hired by the WWE if you are a female.

  • Nick

    From what I understand, Christina Vargas is recovering from surgery. I don’t really know about Lexi though, I thought she was doing a lot of training.

  • Casey

    Lexi is training now and coming along good, but at her tryout she didn’t have to wrestle at all. The basis of the story is that these girls don’t have to wrestle at the tryouts but get signed anyway.

  • Malorie

    Have any of the model diva trainees ever had to have a tryout like that though? I don’t ever remember reading about Kelly and such doing it.

    I’m pretty sure this has been their approach to the model girls for a while now. They’ve never really cared if they could wrestle at the start.

  • Dyna-Mo Chen

    Application Form:

    1) Are you pretty?
    2) You have any issue working almost naked?
    3) Do you mind playing a fluffy female stereotype?
    4) Are you okay posing nude?

  • Ra’Leeshatisha

    But this makes sense y’all, they can’t make the girls bump at tryouts if they have no experience at bumping and wrestling…they cute scrawny asses gon’ break their neck and WWE be sued. They teach them how to bump how to do that once they hired..

    Why would they teach lil Lexi how to bump before even hiring her ? If she had learned basics before WWE, then they could do that cause she would know what she doing. Otherwise no, they aint gon teach someone with NO experience that aint under contract and aint guaranteed to work for them how to bump

  • Crystal

    Brittany Fetkin and Erika Hammond (Who is also signed and everyone forgets about) were also in Diva Search.

  • Max

    Yeah both Veronica Lane and Devin Taylor were apart of the diva search this year so they’ve taken bumps and bruises.