Total Divas totally fake?

Total Divas totally fake?

According to an exclusive source within the WWE the new reality show “Total Divas” is totally fake! We all already know that the relationship between new diva JoJo Offerman and Justin gayer then the day is long Gabriel is fake, but could Jojo and Eva Marie be faking other things?

As it’s well documented the new divas Eva Marie and JoJo are very close to their cast mates but could that be because they are the only divas they are allowed to interact with? According to the inside source the two divas were not allowed to speak to anyone not involved with the show “Total Divas” and to make sure of that the crew of the reality show builds a fake backstage lockeroom at every event just for the cast of Total Divas to use. The two divas may also be lying about how much training they get. Eva Marie and JoJo have only been down to NXT twice to train and for one of those training sessions the Total Divas crew followed them. In that particular training session the girls were kept away from the other NXT divas and were seen changing clothes in between training sessions to make it seem like several training sessions were being filmed, not just one. The trainers involved in the filming of the training session also put on an act and were much rougher then usual making both Eva Marie, Jojo, and all the NXT divas go through a much more intense training session than usual

I think we all knew the show was scripted but to have the two new divas Jojo and Eva Marie to be kept away from everyone who isn’t on the show and to have only trained a few times is a bit shocking to hear. However, Eva Marie’s fiance has said that Eva is training up to six times a week so the girls may be getting trained on the road before the shows and just not at NXT with the rest of developmental talent.

  • Ellie

    I don’t think this is correct as I’ve seen pictures of Eva with Paige and some of the other NXT Talents, like this:

  • Melanie

    How can you be getting all this info if you don’t know anything when the camera is off. Eva Marie ad Paige are really good friends and it was shown on one of the ads they once had or showed or someone made it I’m not sure. They got them to change because they don’t have time to film them everyday. There isn’t much eft for the premiere. They are both upcoming divas so there training has to be intense.

  • Ra’Leeshatisha

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  • Kira

    Parts of this are obviously not true.

    Pictures of the girls with Layla have gone up

    Layla isn’t part of the show.

  • Of course

    Of course the show is scripted, and very heavily so.